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4 Simple Ways To Include CBD In Your Daily Routine

4 Simple Ways To Include CBD In Your Daily Routine

Looking for the different ways to include CBD into your daily routine can a pretty exciting task once you realize how many different ways there are! 

Since there are so many different ways, it can also be difficult to figure out which way is best for you. That’s where we come in – to try and help you learn which form of CBD might be best for you! Let’s go over simple ways to incorporate CBD into your day! 

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil is going to be one of the most popular ways to take CBD because of the versatility and tastiness that comes along with them. 

Even though the tinctures that are included in the screw tops and are very easy to use, they are the most difficult to use on this list because they take more time and concentration to take vs simply swallowing a softgel or piece of candy.

Neurorganix currently has two delicious natural flavors for our oils:

  • Mint
  • Orange

CBD oils are among the most popular products because of their ability to be used in a simple way (orally), but also how customizable they can be. They can be measured out to your desired strength and they can also be added to your favorite beverage such as ice-cold water or even hot tea! 

CBD Softgels

Another very popular option for a long time in the CBD space, a CBD softgel, is a very simple and effective way to take your daily CBD. Simply incorporate in your daily morning or nighttime routine (depending on the reason your using CBD). 

A lot of our customers tell us that they take their softgels with their other supplements and vitamins in the morning with their breakfast. The familiarity of taking softgels or another form of pills is what attracts our CBD softgels to people, especially ones new to CBD. 

CBD Edibles

Being able to take your CBD as a tasty treat, such as candy is a great way to take your daily dose of CBD. There are plenty of other foods or drinks that are infused with CBD out there other than just candy too! 

We do recommend you keep your eyes open to the ingredients to any edibles because so many foods these days are created with artificial dyes, fillers, and refined sugars. These additives are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. 

For delicious CBD edibles made with all-natural ingredients, opt for Neurorganix CBD Vegan Gummies.

Our CBD Gummies are created with:

  • Organic stevia
  • Pectin
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Citric acid
  • Broad spectrum hemp extract

The delicious flavor of these gummies comes from plant sources. And we’re proud to be able to call our gummies vegan since our gummies are made with pectin instead of gelatin. They’re also gluten-free!

CBD Topicals

Topicals such as a cream or salve are commonly used to help support muscle and skin health. CBD topicals are applied directly to a specific area of your skin.

As our largest organ, the skin is equipped with cannabinoid receptors. When your skin is not looking or feeling its best, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) may be able to help bring it back into balance. 

When you apply a CBD topical directly to the skin, you’re providing your ECS with some plant-based support which is why the CBD cosmetic industry has seen such a massive boom.

The types of CBD topicals offered here are Neurorganix include: 

Our everyday CBD cream was formulated specifically with skin health as our main focus and the muscle & joint CBD cream was formulated for, well, we’ll let you guess that one! 

How to Get Your CBD Daily

There are so many different options out there for adding CBD into your daily routine, and we know it can seem a little overwhelming at first! We’re always here to help you answer any questions, even if it doesn’t have to do with our products specifically. 

We want to make sure there is as much education and transparency in the CBD industry as possible!  

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